The Garden Club of Mansfield - Gardening Tips
Attracting Beneficial Wildlife
Do not give your flowers a fertilizer that has too much nitrogen.  You will get lush foliage but not much in the way of flowers.

On the package you will see three numbers representing Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.  Try to pick a fertilizer with a lower first number, or nitrogen number.
Many vegetables can be grown in containers for those of you who have limited outdoor space.  Look for varieties that are best suited for containers.  Some keywords to look for are, Patio, Spacemaker or Bush.
A good and organic way to rid yourself of those weeds between cracks in your driveway or patio is good old-fashioned vinegar.  Put it in a spray bottle with a nozzle that can be set to deliver a stream and fire away. 

Proper mowing is essential in maintaining a beautiful lawn.  Try not to mow when the grass is wet.  Make sure your mower blade is sharp.  Mow to a height suited for the climate.  A rule of thumb; Mow high when it's hot, mow lower when it's cool.  Mowing high will keep the ground cooler and less susceptible to drying.  Sort of like a natural mulch.
Try to plant native species of plants in your garden.  They are well suited and adapted to your area.  Best of all the birds, bees and other native wildlife with thrive.  A few good flowers to consider are Purple coneflower, Black-eyed Susans and Lupine.

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