The Garden Club of Mansfield - Monthly Meetings
Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month unless otherwise indicated.
Meeting location will be at
The Congregational Church of Mansfield, 17 West St, Mansfield. 

Please check the newsletter for any change in location, time or day.
Meetings begin promptly at 7:00 unless otherwise noted.


Topic:  Member Plant Auction
Featuring:  Dorene Weiss, Auctioneer

Do your plants need dividing? Do you have something unique from your garden to share?  Get your hands dirty and dig up something, or buy a plant to bring to our meeting.   Each member is asked to donate at least one plant or garden related item to be sold at our annual member plant auction.  Bring the good stuff!  Take home new treasures at great prices.  This is always a fun evening and the proceeds help fund our upcomig speakers.

Hosts: Bob Beeton, Stephanie Hooper, Fran Pyne, Carol Rowley

OCTOBER 13, 2016

Topic: Exceptional Plants & Design Solutions for Busy & Aging Gardeners
Featuring:  Kerry Ann Mendez

We're busy, we're aging, but we love gardening!  Are you swamped with a job and family, or a gardener that doesn't move at the same pace any more? Learn from our award winning speaker, author and garden designer, ways to tend a garden that demands too much time and energy to keep looking beautiful, and how to incorporate environmentally responsible gardening in this out-of-control picture.

Hosts: Linda Fallon, Lea Mathews, Doris Pennie, Suzanne Redfearn

NOVEMBER 10, 2016

Topic: Big Beautiful Winter Arrangements from Tree and Shrub Prunings
Featuring:  Melissa Pace

Do you throw away prunings from your woody trees and shrubs?  Learn how to put them to work in bold indoor and outdoor arrangements.  Club members will leave with their own beautiful arrangement!  Materials provided will be: a decorative pot/container, fresh greens, in teresting woody materials, accent materials such as pinecones & berries, and a pruning primer.   Cost:  $15 per participant.
Bring your own pot if you have one you'd like to use, as well as any interesting greens, cones, pods, berries or the like. 

Hosts: Sherry Buck,  Joyce Kelly, Noosheen Piroozjahan

DECEMBER 8, 2016

Topic: Holiday Party
Location: Willow Crossings Clubhouse

Our annual holiday party is one of our most fun get-togethers. We meet for a potluck selection of hors d’oeuvres and desserts. Scrumptious food and stimulating garden talk will also be on the menu. If you wish, join in the optional garden-related gift swap.  The newsletter will give you all the details.  You won’t want to miss it.

Hosts: Pot Luck sign-up for those attending the Holiday Party

JANUARY 12, 2017

Topic: Confessions of a Seed Snatcher
Featuring:  MariePatrice Masse

A timely and exciting presentation on saving seeds, Confessions of a Seed Snatcher is a journey of discovery into the world of seed gathering.   There is something for everyone in this humorous and insightful program.  From seed biology, to seed politics, from seed quirkiness to seed adaptability.  Includes a hands-on component where you can 'gather seeds' from a large collection of flower heads, seed stalks, and pods...for your own planting or to start a local seed library.  Feel free to bring in your own seeds in a plastic container.

It’s time for the 3rd Annual Cookie Swap, in honor of founding member and mentor Cheryl Collins. Look for details in the newsletter.

Hosts:  TBD in December (Volunteer Sign-up Sheet)

FEBRUARY 9, 2017

Topic: Vegetable Gardening for Everyone
Featuring: Master Gardeners Speaker's Bureau

Start thinking about your vegetable garden! Vegetable gardening is something everyone can enjoy, from novice to experienced gardener.   Gardening can be a way to bring fresh food to your table, teach children where food comes from, or even a way to beautify your yard.  We will look at different types of vegetable gardens and discuss layout design, vegetable variety choices, and growing techniques.

This is also the night we bring contributions for Mansfield's Food Pantry. Donations are heartily appreciated at this time of year, so please help out in any way you can.

Hosts: Beth Donovan, Nancy Flint, Ilene Gordon, Barbara Minkwitz

MARCH 9 , 2017

Topic:  Selecting Perennials for Continuous Bloom & Easy Maintenance
Featuring:  Ana Newell

Ana is a former member of the Garden Club of Mansfield and the owner of  The Garden Lady - a full landscaping company based in Mansfield.  Ana will discuss and provide a list of perennials that will provide color, texture and flowers during the 4 seasons.  Her presentation will also include native and drought tolerant selections along with low maintenance options.

Hosts:  Patty Flammini, Diane McGee, Lisa Muller

APRIL 13, 2017

This month is all about us.  Let's gather together to talk about the Club, share stories, and discuss ideas.  It's important to have time every once in a while to evaluate, regroup and reconnect around our purpose as a club.  We are all in this together, so join us and share your thoughts.  This month kicks off preparations for the Plant Sale and member registration for next year, too.
Hosts: Scott Hopkinson, Nancy Olson, Greg Pallas, Kim Sestak

MAY 11, 2017

Topic: New Plant Combinations for Container Gardens
Featuring:  Mike Paduch, Crystal Lake Greenhouse

You've seen those stunning container arrangements gracing patios and gardens, and have always wanted to create them yourself!  Come and listen as Mike Paduch shares trade secrets, and creates a container arrangement using a variety of plants - some of which are new to the retail market.  Mike will have sample plants to give away, and best of all, his container creation will be part of tonight's opportunity drawing! We'll also briefly prep for the Plant Sale.

Vote for new officers at this month's meeting. Pay dues and sign up for host, committee and garden(s) for next year.

Hosts: Carol Dunn, Russ Hartmann, Pat Hauser, Pat MacKay

JUNE 8, 2017

Topic: Annual Meeting, Wine & Cheese Party, Plant Swap
Location: to be announced

Dig or divide a plant from your garden or buy one and bring it to our Annual Plant Swap. This is a chance to share the plants you find special or intriguing with other members. You are sure to find many interesting specimens from which to choose. Celebrate summer's abundance and enjoy our traditional wine and cheese party. We will install the new club officers and wrap up the old year.

All registration renewals for the next year should be completed before June 30, so if you haven’t already, please be sure to pay your dues and fill out a renewal registration form. Make
sure all your contact information is accurate and legible and sign up for a hosting slot, a garden to tend, and a committee before you go!

Hosts: Angelo Carulli, Rosemarie Carulli, Julie Katz, Dorene Weiss

JULY 16, 2017

Topic: Membership Tea and Garden Walkabout
Location:  Check newsletter for time and location
Note day change: Sunday event

Come enjoy our gardens in full bloom. This celebration of summer and gardening is open to the public. Members and their guests are invited to stroll through the gardens of some of our own members, sharing ideas, stories and tips. What a great way to show what we are all about, so invite a friend to join you! At the end of the house tour there will be a lovely tea, often held at a member's house. Potential members are invited to join us for this informal gathering to learn more about the Club. Details will be provided in our newsletter as well as in local newspapers.

Hosts: Pauline Bellavance, Vicki Harchik, Joyce Kelly,
Beth Wheeler

AUGUST 17, 2017

Topic: Summer Workshop
Location:  Check newsletter for time and location

What are we up to? We don't know yet, but it's sure to be something interesting and fun! Perhaps you have an idea or a talent you would like to share? In the past, we have made hypertufa planters and mushrooms, succulent gardens, decorative stepping stones, watercolor paintings, birdbaths, rain chains and herbal teas & infusions, and paper flowers. This is always a great opportunity to have some summer fun and let your creative side shine. Look for details in the monthly newsletter.

Hosts: Workshop - bring your own snack!

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